新春ライトバトル昇段試験大会/Challenge Day Light Battle in Jan.2021







ロングソード(両手剣) /片手剣と盾/ ポールアームまたは槍

■日程 2021年 1月10日(日)

13:00 集合(時間厳守)& 受付
13:30 ティンタジェルミーティング

①グレード1 ポイント1
②グレード2 ポイント2
③グレード3 ポイント3
④グレード4 ポイント4
⑤グレード5 ポイント5



★ 2021 January Challenge Day ★
~ Light Battle Challenge Day ~

Date: 1/10 Sun

Challenge Day is a promotion exam of Medieval Battle Sports.
Your performance rank is decided according to the points you get.
Come and fight to be a Knight!

On January 10, 2021, the first promotion test tournament for Castle Tintagel students will be held at the beginning of the year. The match is a one-on-one battle, and the winner will be given points, and the points will increase the rank.

In the promotion tournament, the medieval battle sports categorized “Armored Battle” and “Light Battle” are held every month.
This month will be a promotion test tournament by light battle.
In the game, thre are three battles.

Battle categories:
Longsword (two-handed sword) / one-handed sword and shield / pole arm or spear


⭐️Welcome visitors!
We also welcome any one to watch.
if you are interested in Challenge Day battle, please come freely.

13:00 Entry (punctuality)
13:30 Sharp :Meeting
Prep & tournament

”About Light Battle”
It is a promotion exam of medieval Western sword fencer.
Anybody who aim to grade up, come and take Light Battle Challenge!
To go up to upper level you must get challenge points.

Points System is like below
■ The fencer has the following rank.
In addition, the wining points are different in each grade.
① Grade 1 point 1
② Grade 2 point 2
③ Grade 3 point 3
④ Grade 4 points 4
⑤ Grade 5 points 5

For going up to senior level in light battle, it is necessary for the students to reach the prescribed total points in this challenge.