2022年 新年の抱負 / 2022 New Years Address

(English follows)
コロナにも関わらず、新しいメンバーが加わりました。各クラスのカリキュラムは新しくなり、2回行った「ナイトウォーズ 」のテストランも楽しめました。 オンラインホームとしてのディスコードへの移行もうまくいきました。過去数年間の世界の出来事を考えると、私たちは非常に成功していると思います。海外でプレーすることはできませんでしたが、他の国のグループたちが経験しているような、ロックダウンもされていません。私は時々、ティンタジェルがどれほど多くの幸運に恵まれているのかに驚嘆します。
    古いチームは(メンバーが)成長するまでを保留にし、代わりに「ナイトウォーズ 」と同じシステムでチームを作成します。
私たちが生きているこの不確実な時代にもかかわらず、この数ヶ月間にティンタジェル見つけてくれた新しいメンバーに感謝します。 私は、このような良き友人たちを得たことに感謝します。
2022年 元旦

2022 New Years Address 

Dear Warriors and Friends of Tintagel!

Happy 2022!

A new year has begun and with it we have so many new Let me take this chance to talk about where we are and where we are going in 2022. 

Where we are: I’m happy to say that we are in a surprisingly good position. Despite corona we have had new members joining. The classes have a new curriculum, and we have enjoyed two test runs of Knightwars. We have even successfully migrated to our new online home on Discord. Considering the world events of the past few years I think we have been very successful. Although we have missed playing overseas, we have not been shut down the way groups in other countries have. Sometimes I marvel at how many lucky breaks we have had. 

Where we are going: Longtime members of Tintagel will be very familiar with my tendency to bite off more than I can chew, and I’m happy to say that this trend will continue. 


Here is what I can promise for this year: 

  • Conversion to the new curriculum. 
  • A new novice and scholar test. 
  • Integration of World MBS members into our promotion system. 
  • At least two Knightwars event. 
  • A Steel! event, but in a new format. We will be putting the old teams on hold until we grow and instead have teams using the same system as Knightwars. 

Furthermore, I am working on the following projects: 

  • Expansion and improvement of our Culture classes. I want more opportunities to study medieval arts and crafts, and an integration of such activities into our promotion system. 
  • Finally the biggest project: I want a full medieval event in Tokyo, centered around a Knightwars event. This is the culmination of almost 25 years of effort. But I only move forward if I am certain it can be awesome. Wish me luck. 

And that’s our situation. Thank you all for standing with us through such tough years. Thank you to the new people who have found us in the past few months despite the age of uncertainty we live in.

I am grateful to have such good friends, and I promise I will do my best to keep your lives interesting. 

Jay Noyes 

Castle Tintagel 

2022  Jan.