10/17【 ライトバトルチャンピオンシップ】『ブレード・オブ・ザ・ドラゴン2021』/ “Blade of the Dragon”





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※2021年10月2日11:00より、 芳林堂書店高田馬場店4階にて観戦チケットを販売いたします。

観戦お申込→芳林堂書店高田馬場店    電話:03-3208-0241

     又は キャッスル・ティンタジェル へ



~~~ ☆スケジュール☆ ~~~


開場:12:00 (11;45開場) 

12:30 開会式 

12:45 ウォーミングアップ:クッションソード

1:00 第1種目『ビギナー パディングロングソード 』 by ビギナーベーシックルール






1:45 ウォーミングアップ:ソードとバックラー

2:00 第2種目『ソード&バックラートーナメント』by アドバンスべーシックルール

2:45 ウォームアップスパーリング:ポールアーム(参加者のみ)

3:00  第3種目『ポールアームトーナメント』by アドバンスべーシックルール

3:45  ロングソードウォーミングアップ

4:00 第4種目『ロングソードトーナメント』 by アドバンスべーシックルール

4:45 閉会式 








③ 試合の内容及びスケジュールは、予告なく変更されることもございます。予めご了承ください。




☆Blades of the Dragon 2021☆

HEMA light Battle Tournament!

Dueling Knights!
Castle Tintagel, Japan’s first and largest school for medieval martial arts, and the (Horindou Bookstore) will host the Blades of the Dragon European medieval unarmored martial arts tournament! Witness the excitement of ancient combat in modern times as fencers compete in three styles of medieval combat: longsword, sword and buckler, and poleaxe to determine Japan’s champions of medieval martial arts!

Site: Horindou Bookstore Rooftop

Date &Time: October 17 Sunday

Viewing fee:1100 yen including tax

Reservation: Horindo Takadanobaba shop     Or  Castle Tintagel

Open for visitors :12:00~

Start: 12:30

■Equipment: padded weapons, synthetic swords and padded polearms only.

Safety Equipment: Mask (with back) ,Groin protector (hidden), Torso protection , Knee and Elbow Protection

Hand Protection,Gorget


  1. Metal protection (except for standard fencing helmets) is not allowed as it is too damaging to the synthetic weapons.
  2. Participants should have all of their safety gear worked out and packed the before (Sat. October 17th)

<Qualifications to Participate>

Tintagel Members (all grades, depending on tournament). As the rules are Advanced Fencing rules, Rank 1 Light Battle Fencers or Novice Kishido students must:


<Schedule: Date October 17th>

11:00 Even site preparation and fighter prep..

12:30 Opening Ceremony

12:45 Warm up sparring: Cushion sword warm-up

1:00 Tournament: Beginner. Padded Longsword – assisted self-judging, Beginner Basic Fencing Rules. Only open to the following: 1) Level 1 (Recruit) Fighters and Novice Level  Students. If you have been a member for more than 2 years, you may not participate in this tournament, no matter what your level.

1:45 Warm Up Sparring: Sword and Buckler.

2:00 Tournament: Sword and Buckler – assisted self-judging, Advanced Basic Fencing Rules. Participants must be Guardsman level (Rank 2) or above, or scholar.

2:45 Warm Up Sparring: Pole Arm – (limited to participants)

3:00 Tournament: Pole Arm – assisted self-judging, Advanced Basic Fencing Rules. Participants must be Guardsman level (Rank 2) or above, or scholar.

3:45 Warm Up Sparring: Longsword (limited to participants)

4:00 Tournament: Longsword – assisted self-judging, Advanced Basic Fencing Rules.  Participants must be Guardsman level (Rank 2) or above, or scholar.

4:45 Closing Ceremony.

Prizes: Medals for 1st and 2nd place. 


Assisted Self-Judging: This means that the fighters are expected to call attacks against them.

Rules are Advanced rules: kicks to the body above the waist and controlled throws are allowed. Punches are not allowed, but light pommel strikes or shield punches (just strong enough to move the mask) are allowed to the face for 1 point.

③ The content and schedule of the match are subject to change without notice.