新型コロナウイルス(COVID-19)感染対策/Measures against new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection

(English follows)








□飲食については、指定場所以外で行わず、周囲の人となるべく距離を取って対面を避け、会話 は控えめでお願いします。


□活動中・それ以外の間も含め、周囲の人となるべく距離を 空けることを心がけましょう。















ギャンベソン:原則的にはギャンベソンのレンタルは推奨いたしません。 ギャンベソンは引き続きレンタルできますが、メンバーはギャンベソンを注文するか、理想的には自分で購入することが求められます。 これらが難しい場合はティンタジェルにご相談ください。






Medieval Battle Sports

Measures against new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection


Please check before participating in lessons and practice.

□Make sure that you and your family have no symptoms of fever and colds (fever, cough, malaise, abnormal taste and smell) in the last 2 weeks before participating in the practice.


General Time in Tintagel

  □Do not eat or drink outside of the designated places, keep the distance as much as possible with people around you, avoid face-to-face meetings, and be conservative in conversation. (Q: Where do you eat?)

□Be sure to wash your hands with soap ( for 20 seconds)  often, especially before eating or drinking during a break

□ As much as possible, maintain distance from other attendees.

□ Only one person at a time may use a changing room.


Lesson, practice, environment

□As a general rule, you should wear a general mask during practice.

□Do not lend or share personal fencing wear, masks, swords, etc.

□Do not share towels

□Be sure to thoroughly disinfect your own mask, sword, jacket, and gloves with a disinfectant spray after use.

Tintagel Loaner and Rental Equipment Policies

□ As a general rule, we do not rent masks, jackets, gloves, or swords for practice and sparring. Please bring your own.


(To Castle Tintagel members)

Precautions when using Tintagel rental armor and sword

□ Rental armor for sparring

Helm: When using a loaner helm, be sure to wear a full face mask.

Gauntlet: When using a rental gauntlet, please wear thin disposable gloves.

Gambeson: In general, Tintagel does not want to rent gambesons. Gambesons will still be available to rent, but Tintagel members  will be expected to either place an order for a future gambeson, or ideally, purchase their own. This can be negotiated if it presents a special hardship to the members.


□ Rental equipment for light battle

Fencing Mask: When using a rental helm, be sure to wear a full/ half  face mask.

Gloves: When using rental gloves, please wear thin disposable gloves.

*Please bring your own face mask and thin disposable gloves.